Really Nice Pictures,.

Im not much of an artist, in fact i completely suck at art. But i saw some really cool pictures which are just mind boggling to look at. These types of pictures always fascinate everyone. So i thought ill add them to my blog so everyone can have a look at them. Enjoy. But its not incredibly hard to find such pictures, in fact i just saw them on a website and was shocked. So i googled ‘cool pictures’ and…you see them below.



This is too beautiful. See the lady with a umbrella?


See someone running? IDK what the other one is doing


This one is really cool although it looks more like a digital picture.


The style of this lookos similar to the pevious one with the Lady with the umbrella. But BEAUTIFUL.


How to stay focused when you’re dying of boredom!!

ok the title is a bit contradictory because its boredom and there are exclamation marks. Has this happedned to you before?? ok obviously it has. Everytime we try to focus on something too much we end up feeling bored and sleepy. especially when you force yourself to sit down and get some work done. you feel bored and tired and tend to procrastinate. so i decided to blog about it and raise some points on how you can avoid this annoying situation from coming this another of my #howto posts.

sit back relax and dont feel bored.

1. ObviousLY you have to sleep well the previous night if you want to have a productive day the next day without yawning your way through.  Two factors were likely at play. First, sleeping less than 6 hours a night is a bad thing and will not help you if you intend to have aproductive day ahead.

2. If you always work very long hours at high intensity and experience high levels of stress much of the time then your always going to be in a very negative mood when you sit down to do your work. You start feeling this when negative thoughts keep popping up in your head. Anyway, to get around this you always want to make sure your head is cleared when you do something. It adds more value to your work and helps you stay positive.

you do NOT want this to happen

How to clear your headd?

EXERCISE!! dont be lazy. you cant just magically be in a positive mood you got to work for it. and by exersing you release endorphins which help your body relax and stay calm.

or you could do yoga. the breathing exercises are perfect in regulating airflow to the brain and other parts of the body. AND it helps you stay lean and thin. incentive enough? ok not really if your really thin and you want to gain weight. But it tones your body. so you get the point.


3. If you eat too much and dont exercise and are the kinds who sit in fr0nt of the tv the whole day, your in trouble. Not just in term of being able to do work, but your own LIFE. Its incredibly unhealthy. If you identify with this, you might serously want to change your practice because it going to have snowballing effect on other activites you take part in as well; like doing work. Your more likely going to feel more distracted, and feel negative like i said above, and generally not ever be in a mood to focus.

Couched Potato

SO im going to just say that if you have a really balanced life, incorporate exercise and leave time to do other stuff like interacting with friends and family, your productivity will improve drasticallty. and you also have to take breaks in between your study times like you cant just go on and on for hours. youll really die of boredom then. when that happens just take a short brek and resume again.

Hope that advice helped. Itll give way to more positive thoughts and ideas in your life!!

Think positive always


The term has been an eventful one particularly within the classroom. The workload has become slightly heavier especially for law and politics. The need to revise my work for these subjects has become more because I need to revisit previous chapters and read through the material again so that it retains in my memory.

Bellerbys Brighton

For computer studies I have been working on various assignments with each assignment targeting a different skill. I have completed the coursework for Microsoft Excel and Word. The coursework has improved my Microsoft skills a great deal and will be very useful for me when I want to p resent my data in a more aesthetically appealing manner. I learnt how to organize information in the form of pie charts, graphs and how to customize the data so that it is friendly on the eyes, when someone reads it. Also  my first presentation on the Indian Film Industry, which required me to talk in front of the class, helped improve my presentation skills and to talk in sync with what is being shown on the screen. I faced some challenges when I had to complete my work within a specific period of time. For some of the assignments I needed extra time to ensure that the quality of my work was up to standard. This led to me continuing with the same assignment the next lesson before proceeding to the next piece of work.

For English, we have had many practices for coursework as well as IELTS. I recently completed a reading and listening exercise and the grades will be reflected on my mid term report. I found the listening exercise to be fairly easy but stumbled a bit on the reading exercise because I lacked good time management skills. I have completed the first coursework on 12th October, which was on Compare and Contrast. I had to learn a lot of compare contrast language to vary my sentence structure. This is very useful in daily life as well because we compare and contrast things on a daily basis.


Currently, we’re preparing for the upcoming Notes and Summary coursework where we are given a page or two of text to read and have to write notes and summarize the passage with the aid of the notes we prepare. This is an interesting technique which we will have to use in University most of the time and especially for the Law course where plenty of notes have to be taken during lecture and written in a concise and comprehensive manner so that it will be easy for future reference. Again, for English one of the challenges I face is time management and I hope to improve this by practicing my skills individually during my own free time.


For Politics and Law, the learning style is almost similar, for Foundation. A lot of time has to be spent reading the textbooks as well as the manual (Law) to adequately understand the depth of the arguments being made. It is important to memorize relevant examples to corroborate points made in essays. A good essay for both subjects require the writer to provide adequate points of view and especially for Law, the inclusion of examples is vital to enriching the content of the essay. However I find that law essay questions are more straightforward and require the candidate to write only specific information as compared to politics essays where the questions are broader based and the student is allowed to cover more area. Since Politics and Law are content-based subjects it is important to memorize a large bit and especially important is to learn the art of memorizing.

In all, my term has been very fruitful and productive and I am looking forward to the next term where I will revisit as well as learn new things which will aid me in my progression to a University of my choice.

Studying Computing; English at Bellerbys

Foundation English classes in Bellerbys are part of the Law Foundation Programme. Foundation English Skills (FES) is vital in supplementing the other 2 subjects we learn, namely Law and Politics. Academic English, which I learned in High School in Singapore was based more on essay writing and comprehension skills. In FES we learn a multitude of skills apart from those.

Computing is relaxing

Computing is relaxing

I learnt note taking and summary skills in my first few weeks and it really helped to organize my thoughts well. Plenty of reading enabled me to increase my reading and comprehending speed simultaneously.
I particularly enjoy notes and summary because I need to improve on that area. Since I didn’t touch on notes and summary in high school I find it fun to read a passage and take notes and again summarize my notes in my own words.

I am generally slower when it comes to comparing and contrasting because it involves linking two ideas in a sentence. This makes me slow down and think about how to phrase a sentence properly without any grammatical errors.

My FES teacher is excellent and her teaching is even better. She gives us many in class assignments that facilitate interactive learning Homework is assigned to us almost everyday and is unfailingly discussed in class the very next day unless instructed to hand in. FES is very fun and at the same tim

e very useful because it ferments my English foundation and improves my reading speed and analytical skills vastly.

CIT classes are very much relevant to my education.  By studying CIT I hope to greatly enhance my Word, and Excel skills. I know how to use these programs on a very basic level and prior to joining the classes did not explore much into the depth of the many functions.

By attending CIT lessons I learnt new concepts like Absolute Referencing, ‘If” Test, Repetition, as well as to present power points. Most of these functions simplify the task of creating a spreadsheet, which helps to save time.

Something that I find very tough during lessons is remembering where to find a certain function.  For example, since most of the new functions I learn are new to me, I have trouble locating the tab on the ribbon. This slows my progress when I’m trying to complete a task.

I definitely have to summarize and collate all the functions I have learnt so far. This will help me to remember what I have learnt thus far and in turn by most helpful in the exam where I have

to reproduce these functions.

i leaarnt essential skills

i leaarnt essential skills

My CIT teacher Mr Morgan Andrews assigns and expects us to complete one task every lesson. Each task comprises of a repetition of a single function, usually designed to help us remember it. An instruction sheet also comes with each task so it is self-explanatory and after a quick debrief by Mr. Andrews we are expected to commence the task and get it done by the end of the day. He checks our work and ensures everything is done correctly before we upload it to studysmart.

Studying Politics at Bellerbys

I am studying law foundation in Bellerbys and the duration of the course is 9 months, from September 2012 to June 2013. I decided to pursue law because its something I wanted to do since young. I remember I read a book called ‘to kill a mockingbird’ and the courtroom drama that surrounded the book felt really intense. That sparked my interest in the subject. After reading a series of legal thrillers by different authors I felt a sort of connection to the subject and contrary to others who may have felt being a lawyer was their dream, its simply a cultivated interest of mine which I have yet to explore.

Its been a 3 weeks into the foundation program and I have to admit some of the concepts are really dry, especially on the politics course. However after I manage to conceptualize the ideas presented I feel more confident to write essays.

I feel I need to delve more into politics because it revolves a lot around how the British Government operates and the more intricate processes. These, as well as political terms are particularly confusing.

My teacher Mr. Baker, is a very interesting person and teaches us well without making us feel bored of the subject. There was once we were talking about the differences between homestay and staying in the residence and he was telling us how his mother also used to be a host mom and describing the experience, which was hilarious.

Vote for Tories!!

Vote for Tories!!

Difference between UK and Singapore Education System

In Singapore the educational system is distinctly different than the UK. The most noticeable difference is the level of participation in the class. Students here are more of active learners who spontaneously contribute to class discussions, and this enhances the learning atmosphere. In Singapore however it is less democratic, and more of like a dictatorship where the teachers are just expected to teach all lesson. I feel that apart from the teacher’s knowledge there isn’t any new knowledge added to the class discussions.

When I was doing my A levels in Singapore the workload was much heavier than in UK, in terms of homework assigned to students. I was taking 5 subjects but in Foundation there are only 2 subjects (Law and Politics which generally have harder assignments so the workload is definitely lesser.

Most friendships are forged in class while I was in Singapore. However I used to be in a soccer team and I made quite a few friends there as well. In the UK most of my friends are my classmates and residence mates so its about the same level of friendships.

The class sizes in Singapore are generally bigger than in Bellerbys. Here, there are about 15 students in my class but in Singapore the general class size can range from 25-35 students per class. In terms of size, Singaporean classroom sizes are relatively twice the size. It could be due to the lack of teachers and schools.

Lastly, expectations in Singapore and UK should be the same. Individually, everyone wants to do well to have a better future.

My Secondary School

My Secondary School

My High School

My High School


My First Impression of Brighton

When I got off the plane at London Heathrow I thought the airport was really big and I got my luggage relatively fast from the luggage belt. The taxi ride from the airport to the Bellerbys took about an hour. The expressway on which I travelled was really long and I noticed that the cars were speeding on the expressways, what seemed much above the speed limit. In my country this is not commonly seen because there are harsh penalties for exceeding the speed limit.

When I got off the taxi in Brighton opposite Jury’s Inn, the weather really got to me and I felt very cold. Since Jury’s Inn was opposite Bellerbys College I got a first good look at the campus and I found the building was really nice and contemporary. The people were friendly and there were absolutely no tall buildings when I was touring the place. The shops by the road were relatively smaller than in my home country but the shops in the mall were much bigger.

I’m studying Law Foundation in Bellerbys and I wish to study law in the university so that when I graduate I become a lawyer.

London Heathrow